Save Kauai

Trees and plants beautify our world and make our lives enjoyable and beneficial. There are many others ways trees and plants add to our environment such as lowering the greenhouse effect. Trees especially can help because they absorb carbon dioxide, which is a major greenhouse gas. Trees not only absorb carbon dioxide but also release oxygen back into the air. grass seed is needed when disease, poor weather conditions or misuse occurs and when grass is needed quickly.

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Trees Clean the Air we Breathe

Trees also clean the air by absorbing odor and gases that pollute the environment while filtering particles out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark. Trees also provide oxygen as well as cool down the streets of our cities and towns. The leaves of plants also absorb impurities in the air. Trees also conserve energy. By planting several trees around a home, a family can lower their air conditioning needs by almost 50 percent. Reducing our energy demands for cooling and heating our homes we also reduce the output of pollution from power plants.

Shade from Trees and Shrubs do so Much!

It is important to note that shade from trees and bushes slow down evaporation from our lawns. Trees and large bushes also increase the moisture in our atmosphere. In addition, trees and large plants also prevent soil erosion. Most importantly, trees shield children and adults from the sun as well as providing food for humans, birds and wildlife.

Trees and Flowers help Lighten our Emotions

Interestingly, there has been research done that shows that patients who are ill who can see trees and beautiful bushes out their windows, heal faster and with fewer complications. In addition, trees and attractive landscaping help to reduce the level of fear in those who are troubled with anxiety, depression and stress.

Tress offer Economic Opportunities and offer Spiritual inspiration

There are many business opportunities associated with trees such as fruit that comes from orchards, green waste management, landscaping and green jobs for young people looking for work. In addition, trees bring people together by combining all genders, ages and cultures especially when there is a tree planting event.

Habitat for Wildlife, Wood and an Increase in Property Values

As many would attest to, trees provide many wonderful homes for bees, birds, possums and squirrels. They also give protective covering to parking lots, concrete walls and ugly views. Trees also muffle sounds that come from noisy freeways and give a luscious green view to anyone who looks at them. Most importantly, trees also provide wood for fuel and increase the value of property.

To conclude, trees and plants add so much to our world. Without them our world would look empty, dull and not have essential and needed qualities that trees and plants provide such as oxygen, wood and food. Indeed, it would be a bleak and ugly world without them. Their beauty and usefulness are needed and necessary for the environment we live in, as well as for our health and the health of our family and friends.